Chapter III

Rendille Literacy

The preparation for Scripture in Korr, Kenya.

The Literacy Group

The Literacy Group

During the years of translation, there was a group of individuals who had wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to learning how to read and write their own language. This was no easy task. Their earnest preparation was vital, as they would be the ones to teach others to read the Word of God.

Lagoyaa Neebey

Lagoyaa heard there was a group of women learning to read Rendille. They were using the Bible to learn and teach others. She was learning about Jesus in the process. Now 4 years later, she is preaching the Gospel from village to village.

As she looks back, she realizes it was God’s plan for her to join the literacy group. From there she started sharing the Gospel in her area.

"All the questions that people had are no more"